Craft kits are a simple, unique way for
remote employees to connect.




Craft kits are a simple, unique way for
remote employees to connect.


You pick a date and design and we do the rest!


Employees flex their creative muscles.


Invite your team to something totally new.

It's Challenging to Keep Remoted Employees Feeling Connected

You want your team to bond and get to know each other even though they aren’t working in the same physical space.

Unfortunately, most team-building activities are overdone and boring. You’re frustrated trying to come up with something that doesn’t make the employees roll their eyes. We get it. 

We believe remote team building should be simple, creative and get your teams excited.

Give Your Remote Teams a Crafty Way to Connect

We understand many remote teams struggle to stay connected across screens. It’s why we developed a virtual team-building activity so employees can gather via Zoom to bond and socialize while making their own reclaimed wood craft.

Be the hero who keeps your remote teams connected.

We Handle the Details.

You Collect the


At Reclaimed By You, we use crafts to build comradery. When you let employees express their creativity as part of a team activity, it builds connections and memories. And the best part is we make it super simple to plan a virtual team-building activity. 

When you schedule a virtual event, you get:

Ready to Put An End to Ho-Hum Team Building Events?

If you’re out of ideas for how to keep your remote team connected, a craft event is the answer.

1. Schedule your virtual team building event.

Whether you want a lunchtime break or a happy hour crafts and craft (beer), we're ready!

2. Receive kits.

We mail out individual craft kits to each participating employee.

3. Give your team a creative boost of connectivity.

Guided by our expert mentors, each remote employee joins a Zoom meeting where they can socialize while creating their unique reclaim wood crafts.
From Crafts to Connections

Bring Your Virtual Team Together

Check out this video featuring Reclaimed By You Founder Jen Newcomb as she explains how a virtual craft event is the anecdote to run-of-the-mill remote team building events.

Select a Wooden Craft Project That Reflects Your Organization

Choose either a 7×7 project or a 7X12 project.
Pick your stencil design or we’ll create a custom stencil for your team at no extra charge.

Here are few favorites from our corporate clients:

How Your Event Builds a Local Workforce

We use reclaimed wood from partners in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C., area. Our craft kits are environmentally friendly, using wood salvaged from deconstructed buildings and homes. In turn, our partners are giving job training and workforce development opportunities to those who face obstacles to traditional employment.

Top 5 {Not Boring} Ways to Engage Your Virtual Team

Take Virtual Team Building from Tedious to Terrific

It’s time to say good-bye to boring team-building activities! Instead, give your team a memorable bonding experience.

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