#thefoodmarket #hampden #baltimore #foodieOh my goodness… have you all ever been to The Food Market in Hampden? No? Then you’re totally missing out! Craig and I went this week and it was amazing.

As soon as we walked in, I remembered that we’d been once before, in the time before children. You know how that is right? You get to go to all the cool places and you think you’ll never get to see them again? But as soon as we walked in, I remembered that we’d seen kids here the last time we came too and had thought about bringing our own one day. So rest assured, if you can’t get a babysitter this place is still on the list.

Craig picked a draft from their menu and I got a seasonal cocktail, the watermelon rum crush. Ummmm… yum. If you haven’t had it, maybe you want to go sooner rather than later as I think this deliciousness is only for the summer!

#thefoodmarket #baltimore #hampden #cocktail

Then we ordered a mix of their small plates. We had assumed 2 per person, but honestly, we could have gone with one each. They were all great, but they were bigger than we were planning on!  Pictured here are the tomato avocado stack, the poke de gallo, the street tacos, and the pan-roasted mussels. Craig couldn’t wait for the picture to dig into those tacos! (I may have had to artfully arrange a couple mussel shells too…) We also tried buttered street corn “chips” and were completely surprised by what came. It was unexpected and delicious and if you want to see it, you’re going to have to go try it yourself. Just saving a little mystery for you!

#thefoodmarket #baltimore #hampden #foodie #review

Anyway, just a general PSA… we love Hampden and we love The Food Market. And if you need a buddy for one of those cocktails, you know where to find me. Just sayin’.


Jen Newcomb