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Friends, the results of my Stitch Fix are here! If you’ve heard of Stitch Fix already, you probably know how it works, but just incase it is new for you… you request a “fix” which is a virtual personal styling. You give them basic information about yourself, your sizes, your lifestyle, your preferences, and if you’re really prepared you have a Pinterest board ready to share. They take that info, including what kind of clothing you’re after, and send you 5 pieces of clothing or accessories. There is a $20 styling fee, but that amount is then applied towards anything you buy.

I provided all of that info along with a link to my personal style Pinterest board and let my stylist Jessica run with it. And here are the results!

The Clothes

First of all, the jeans I’m wearing in every pic are the Kate Boyfriend Jean by Kut From The Cloth. They fit me well and are super comfy. But I recently found out what is involved in my next reconstructive surgery and the size of my waist might be changing. So at $88, this is not the right time to invest in good jeans for me.

#stitchfix #stitch #fix #style #fashionThe next thing I tried on was this poncho style top by Laila Jayde. I. Love. It. Like seriously, the color is great, the fit and style are fun and flattering, and you can pry it from my cold dead hands.

Next up was this mixed material top by Papermoon. When I picked it up, I thought I loved it. It had just a little bit of texture in the color and was so soft… and then there was the back. I have nothing against polka dots, some of my best friends are polka dots even, but I did not dig the back of this top. The material was different (mixed material, go figure) and it wasn’t soft or cozy. I could feel the seam and the material very clearly and I just wasn’t into it. My husband told me it was the mullet of shirts and that was the end of that.


#stitchfix #stitch #fix #fashion #style

I always love the idea of an infinity scarf, so I was excited to try this plaid one from LuLu. It reminded me of the blanket scarves I have bought but can never figure out how to wear without looking ridiculous. (Seriously, always so cute on Pinterest, but always so weird on me.) Anyway, I threw it on with the Papermoon top, but it just never fit right. As a single loop it was long and weird, and when I doubled it over? It tried to choke me. So I gave up on that and put it in the return pile.

#stitchfix #stitch #fix #fashion #style

Last was this j-pocket cardigan from 41 Hawthorne. Now, I love a good cardigan and I was so happy and cozy in it. I knew I #stitchfix #stitch #fix #fashion #stylewanted it, but was worried it looked like a grandpa cardigan on me. My husband assures me I do not look like a white-haired old man in this, so I did decide to make it my very own.

The Verdict

That means out of the 5 pieces I loves 3 but kept 2. The poncho was $58 and the cardigan was $68. I got this fix during a promotion with no styling fee so there was no discount off of the items. But I love them both. Bottom line? I will definitely be doing this again. Would you consider a Stitch Fix for yourself?

Jen Newcomb