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Shabby Paints are acrylic-based chalk paints. What does this mean? This takes adhesion, coverage, and no priming to the next level! Acrylic resins adhere better, cover better, and cure to a harder and more durable finish. Say goodbye to the soft, easily scratched, and damaged nature of chalk style latex paints.

  • Our products are non-toxic and VOC-Free.
  • Unlike waxed pieces, If you change your mind you do not have to strip or sand, just re-paint.
  • Easy enough for beginners, no intimidating and complicated steps.
  • Paint wood, metal, paper clay, fabric, concrete, laminate, tile, terracotta, glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, tin and so much more.
  • No long waits between coats, dries in minutes.
  • Paint inside the house without fumes. Paint between phone calls, loads of laundry, and while the little ones nap.
  • Get the kids involved.
  • True durability that lasts, inside or out! No more soft and tacky finishes that are hard to clean and easily ruined.
  • No more limitations, our products are safe for bathrooms, kitchens, and the great outdoors.
  • Our products are made and sourced exclusively in the U.S.
  • We never participate in animal testing and our products contain no animal by-products (Vegan friendly)

**Due to variances among color monitors the colors that appear on your screen may not be exact.**

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