Are you excited to plan an event together? So are we! Events are the heart of our business and we are ready and waiting to help you plan something fun. Contact us to set a date and then read on for what to expect!

Step One

Events can either be held in a private space such as your home or in a local establishment like a cafe, brewery, or other fun space. If you need to hold an event at a local establishment, make sure to contact us so we can work together to select a place and make sure they are on board.

All events need to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance to ensure we have all of the supplies on hand to make some amazing projects. When scheduling your event, allow for at approximately 90 minutes of fun! (Larger boards may take slightly longer.)

Step Two

Next, we need to pick your project size. Introductory pricing per person is as follows:

5″x7″ board                 $30

8.5″x11″ board            $45

12″x18″ board             $60

All sizes listed are the minimum possible size. Because we work with reclaimed wood and try to minimize waste, final size and appearance of the boards may vary.

Payment will be collected in advance. Once we have everything arranged, we will put together a place for you and your guests to secure your spot at the table by sending in payment. That way on the day of your event, all we have to do is have some fun!

Step Three

At the event itself, we will spend some time talking about the materials we use and all of the good we are able to do with each event. Then we’ll get to crafting! We will be there with you every step of the way to help you design your craft, pick out colors, and even try that cool effect you saw somewhere that one time.

So, get ready to have some fun and take these reclaimed materials…

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