It is our pleasure to work with organizations that are making a difference in the Baltimore/Washington DC area and the surrounding communities. We seek out partnerships that will support our mission so that we can amplify the good they are doing in the community. It is through these organizations that we are able to be a force for good in our community and beyond.

Brick + Board

They not only positively impact the environment by salvaging materials from deconstructed buildings #partnerships #Baltimore #reclaimed #nonprofits #DIY #craftsthroughout the community, but they also are training the next generation of sawyers, salvage experts, and craftspeople in Baltimore by creating jobs and training people to do them.

Community Forklift

Community Forklift is a nonprofit reuse center for home improvement supplies. They lift up local communities by making repairs affordable, reducing waste, promoting reuse, and creating green jobs.

Second Chance Inc.

Second Chance is a nonprofit organization that provides people, materials, and the environment with a second chance by deconstructing buildings and homes, salvaging usable materials and making those available to the public through a 200,000 square foot retail space.  With the revenue generated, they provide job training and workforce development for those with employment obstacles in the Baltimore region.

A Workshop of Our Own

WOO’s mission is to create a professional woodworking environment which cultivates and promotes the careers of women and gender non-conforming craftspeople in their field. By partnering with their talents, we are able to support a worthy non-profit in our community and contribute to giving women and non-binary craftspeople a safe place to learn and gain confidence in their woodworking skills.

We look forward to connecting with more amazing organizations like these as our business grows. If you are interested in partnering with Reclaimed By You or have a suggestion for future partnerships, please contact us today.