As part of our mission, Reclaimed By You is constantly seeking out opportunities to partner with organizations who share our vision and values. And as of today, it is my pleasure to tell you that we have made a new partnership with Second Chance in Baltimore!

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If you are a Baltimore local, you must have heard of Second Chance. And if you haven’t you’re really missing out. With 200,000 square feet of retail space, Second Chance is an absolute treasure trove of things you need in addition to being a non-profit organization worthy of your attention. And since they work with donations and other reclaimed materials, you can feel good shopping there.

But, much like our mission, they are not just about environmental impact. They are focused on social responsibility as well. Second Chance creates jobs in Baltimore by salvaging instead of demolishing and then gets those jobs to the people that need them most. They also focus on training programs, marketable skill development, and providing livable wages to their staff. These are most definitely our people.

And lucky for us, they decided we’re their kind of people too! So what does that mean to you? It means you can look forward to materials coming from Second Chance and projects based on items we find there. And it means that in the future, you may be able to learn more about us by stopping by and visiting them too.

After we met with some folks there, we literally got lost wandering through the amazing wood, furniture, lighting… I mean, everything. I’m pretty sure Allison came out rolling a chair that may or may not be still in my trunk. But seriously, if you have never been there you need to make time to stop by. Second Chance is full of fantastic finds and is both environmentally and socially conscious. And, you know, fun.

When you stop by, tell them we sent you!

Jen Newcomb