Want to hear a secret about people who work in arts and crafts for a living? It’s actually not such a big secret… we really love arts and crafts! And that means even when we walk away from work, you might find us doing something crafty and fun!#marbleart #sipandpaint #Baltimore #SevernaPark #craft #DIY

Recently, one of my friends pointed out a cool spot in Severna Park called Mix & Marble where you can marble paint various fabric items. I’m not going to lie, this was pretty far outside my crafting comfort zone. I used to be a paper crafter and then evolved into working with wood and paints. But this kind of painting was totally foreign to me.

Jeni, one of the two owners, gave us a great demo and helped us figure out what order we should use for adding colors to the water and gelatin mixture. And then… we were off! (Truth time – I made my friends let me go last so I could watch them before trying it. I’m a stinker.)

Watching them pull our finished projects out of the water was kind of magic. And I love that even though my friends and I had very different colors and outcomes, everything we made turned out just lovely!

Also I feel like I may have buried the lead on this a little… the shop is also a wine bar! A great glass of wine may also have helped make me more comfortable giving something new a try. But seriously, the staff here was wonderful and you could tell how much they enjoy their work. They made everything just that much more fun.

If you are near Severna Park, MD and want a new adventure, Mix & Marble might be just the thing! Of course if you go, be sure to tell them we sent you.

Jen Newcomb