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Our Mission

#crafting #Baltimore #reclaimed #mission

Reclaimed By You is crafting with a conscience. We make creating artful decor easy for people of all skill levels while supporting the environment, the community, and small businesses.

We deliberately seek out and partner with businesses and other organizations who support our eco-friendly vision and do good within the community. We focus on reclaimed materials to support the environment. We partner with organizations that create jobs and help give them to those that need them most. And we seek out non-profits struggling to make a difference in our community. Our events are held in local establishments when possible to support those businesses that make our communities great.

Every decision, every purchase, and every step forward, we make sure we are supporting our mission and staying true to the ideals on which we are founded.

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How We Work

Reclaimed By You is an event-based business. That means that if you want to make some cool home decor using locally reclaimed materials with us, you need to either find an event or host one! You can learn all about hosting an event and get yours set up today right here. We also do corporate events, which are the perfect way to strengthen connections and foster your employees’ creative interests while showing what you’re all about.

Who We Are

Want to learn more about the faces you might see and the folks who will show up when you host an event? You can learn more about our team and why this business means so much to us here.