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Up until now, this blog has been solely about DIY and Baltimore, but I also want to share more personal things and let you see inside the curtain a bit into the person behind the brand. So I’m going to start incorporating more personal things and experiences into these pages as well. Sound good? Good.

Now, let me tell you a story.#style #fashion #personalstyle #stitchfix

I used to be a clothing retailer. I sold for a specific brand for two years, so all I ever wore was the brand I sold. I now have a closet of that brand, just that brand, and precious little else. I won’t lie, I loved some of the things and still do, but when you start shedding a business like that to do something new, you kind of want to shed your all one brand wardrobe too. I’m ready for variety again!

But… it’s never that easy is it? I am having trouble finding my groove. On top of it, my body is in a hard state of fluctuation because I’ve started my reconstruction journey after beating cancer. So, I am in the middle of these surgeries which both temporarily and permanently change the landscape of my body. The doctors do one thing and then parts of me can actually take 2 months to settle into their new normal. So, shopping is not only confusing, it’s downright impossible!

All of that to say I think I’m going to pass this over to the pros and let someone who actually knows something take the style reigns for me. That’s right folks… I’m taking the leap into Stitch Fix. I just scheduled a fix and I’m anxious to see what comes of it. I was thinking maybe you guys might like to come along for the journey? There might be pictures…

Jen Newcomb