Reclaimed by You™ supports your employee enrichment strategy by designing custom crafting events, which help your employees:

  • develop their creative interests.
  • strengthen social connections through shared experiences.
  • feel connected to the greater Maryland community.

Through our partnerships with Baltimore and D.C. area nonprofits, we support:

  • job creation in our community
  • employment of people with social and economic challenges
  • cultivation and promotion of women in woodworking

#corporate #events #Baltimore #teambuilding #enrichment #craftEach Reclaimed by You™ event creates a unique opportunity to enrich lives and build community, both within your company and beyond it. Through crafting projects using reclaimed, authentic, and meaningful materials, your employees get to keep a piece of historic Baltimore and make it their own.

Every Reclaimed by You™ event is a journey as much as a process, where your team will learn about the history of the materials used, how many hands and lives were enriched throughout the process, and the profound meaning that we give these materials today, through reclaiming what would be otherwise lost.

To find out more about corporate events, pricing, or to schedule your own event, please contact us today!