You know what really lights my fire? Finding new local organizations that believe in the same mission and principles that I do. And the organization we’re going to talk about today is exactly that.

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I met Ruthie at Community Forklift when I was planning my launch party. Someone had found me on social media and I was lucky enough that she reached out to me. And ever since we first talked, I knew this was an organization I wanted to align with. Community Forklift is a nonprofit reuse center for home improvement supplies. They pick up donations from individuals, companies, and wherever people are willing to share, and then make those materials available at a reasonable cost to people who need them.

Allison and I have both gone down and taken a tour of their facility and gotten to hear about all of the things that Community Forklift works on, is involved in, and does to give back to the community. They are focused on making repairs and renovations accessible to everyone, reducing waste, educating folks about sustainability, and building the local economy. If you haven’t been to see them, I highly recommend it!

What does this mean?

As a part of this partnership, we are looking forward to participating in Community Forklift events and working with them to offer workshops on an ongoing basis. I absolutely adore the staff, their vibe, and everything about them. And in case you didn’t see the last blog post, we are already starting to use supplies we have purchased there in our projects!

How you can get involved

Community Forklift is hosting their First Friday event tomorrow, August 3rd 2018. If you’ve never been there, this is a great time to check them out, learn some more, and have fun along the way. And, as always, if you go make sure to tell them Reclaimed By You sent you!

Jen Newcomb