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Baltimore’s 32nd Street Farmers Market

#baltimore #farmersmarket #Waverly #goats

Recently, my family and I decided to check out Baltimore’s 32nd Street Farmers Market in Waverly. Okay okay, really I saw a Facebook event for a farmer’s market that was going to have baby goats so I drug my husband and kids into the city to pet them. I mean, who goes to the city […]

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Make Marble Art at Mix & Marble

#marbleart #sipandpaint #Baltimore #SevernaPark #craft #DIY

Want to hear a secret about people who work in arts and crafts for a living? It’s actually not such a big secret… we really love arts and crafts! And that means even when we walk away from work, you might find us doing something crafty and fun! Recently, one of my friends pointed out […]

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The Food Market

Oh my goodness… have you all ever been to The Food Market in Hampden? No? Then you’re totally missing out! Craig and I went this week and it was amazing. As soon as we walked in, I remembered that we’d been once before, in the time before children. You know how that is right? You […]

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