Barn wood has arrived!

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Did someone say barn wood? Wait… was it me? SURE WAS! Our latest shipment of wood is in and this time we have barn wood! One of the most exciting aspects of this business for me is that every batch of wood is different. They come from different places and they have different histories. And […]

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What is the Baltimore Wood Project?

#baltimore #wood #project #reclaimed #reclaimedwood

One of the things I’m super proud to be a part of now is the Baltimore Wood Project. Now I’ll be real, you and I are on the consumer side of this initiative, but I’m just happy that we are contributing at all. The Baltimore Wood Project is an initiative that helps create jobs, keep […]

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Why Use Reclaimed Wood?

#reclaimed #reclaimedwood #Baltimore

It may have come to your attention that this whole business would be cheaper, and well, plain old easier if we didn’t use reclaimed wood. Let’s face it, new lumber from big box stores is cheap and plentiful and would add a layer of simplicity to this entire business model. And, as you might have […]

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How I Lost My Job and Found My Passion

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Some people may be wondering, how did this happen? I went from nearly 20 years of IT work behind a desk to driving around Baltimore and playing with reclaimed wood. How does a girl go from there… to here? The truth is, I lost my job while I was battling cancer. It’s no one’s fault. […]

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