Recently, my family and I decided to check out Baltimore’s 32nd Street Farmers Market in Waverly. Okay okay, really I saw a Facebook event for a farmer’s market that was going to have baby goats so I drug my husband and kids into the city to pet them. I mean, who goes to the city to pet goats? That’s right… this girl.

#Baltimore #waverly #farmersmarket #goats

What we found was a charming main street and a bustling farmer’s market with more things than we could imagine. There was#baltimore #farmersmarket #Waverly #goats produce, meat, spirits, food vendors, clothing, body products, jewelry… you name it! And clearly it was a popular spot. On our first pass through, we actually missed the goats and had to go back and look again! The market may look compact from the outside, but there is definitely tons to see.

My girls enjoyed Belgian sugar waffles from the Baltimore Waffle Company. They insist on them being plain (heathens) but the waffles were amazing. I preferred the coffee whiskey from Louthan Distilling and am still regretting not bringing some home. It was made using Zeke’s Coffee (a fav on our house)! Next time for sure.

I was also enchanted by the musicians who set up at the market and played. Overall the vibe there was busy and fun and we had a great time exploring. If you haven’t found Baltimore’s 32nd St Market yet, you should. Grab a waffle, sample some whiskey, and if you’re lucky pet a goat for me.

#Baltimore #waverly #farmersmarket #musicians #goats

Jen Newcomb