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Reclaimed By You started as a pie in the sky dream for me. But slowly it turned into a reality. And then it moved into a storefront in Historic Ellicott City, a place where I’d always imagined having a quaint little shop and a sense of belonging. My dream became real, and tangible. My family helped me keep it alive, and it became as much their dream as mine.

I loved being a part of a community. I loved every weird part of the historic building we occupied. I loved that our crafts had a mission and a heart. I loved partnering with local non-profits and other small businesses. I loved feeling like I did something that really mattered. I loved being on the front lines and seeing the impact we could make. For me, the shop became my happy place. I loved meeting the people who came through the door.

I made friends I never would have met any other way. Customers, other business owners, community leaders… and I loved every second of it.
But everything ends eventually and now is the time for this business I’ve loved. Due to the hardships of an unprecedented global pandemic, Reclaimed By You is closing our doors. I will forever treasure the memories I made in our little shop, and I hope you will as well. If you have a craft from Reclaimed By You, I hope it represents a treasured memory for you. Because I know it does for me.
Thank you for trusting me with your friends, your families, your fundraisers, and your special occasions. Thank you to everyone who has worked by my side in the past three years for helping Reclaimed By You make more memories. And most of all, thank you to my family for being willing to stand beside me and this crazy dream of mine. I will always remember this as a particularly blessed chapter of my life. Thank you for being a part of this with me.
Goodbye seems too dramatic, so I’ll just hope to see you again soon.
Until next time,